CDC Clean - Kitchen, Bakery and Extraction Cleaning

Our Kitchen and bakery deep cleaning service can help you to ensure that you are fulfilling your obligations as an employer. Our service can meet the toughest of demands – we have experience in cleaning a huge variety of premises such as superstores, golf club kitchens, restaurants and take-aways. In any food production area or catering facility it is essential that high quality kitchen cleaning is in place to meet environmental health standards. Good cleaning practices will also reduce the risk of contamination and poisoning – anything less may mean that you are putting your customers at risk!
Health & Safety
The responsibility for risk assessment has been placed on business owners with a very strict duty of care placed on the manager of the premises. It stipulates that grease extraction systems for commercial and industrial kitchens must be regularly assessed for fire hazard and actions must be taken to eliminate or minimise potential risk.
Grease Extraction
The Aim of Cleaning Grease extraction systems is to prevent fire by removing the grease build up from all areas of the system. Insurance companies require that grease extract systems are inspected regularly and cleaned a minimum of once or twice a year (depending on the number and type of meals served).
Kitchen / Bakery Equipment
We can deep clean a variety of kitchen items such as:
  • Combination steam ovens
  • Gas / Electric ovens and hobs
  • Ranges
  • Mixers
  • Vegetable Peelers
  • Steamers
  • Fryers
  • Rack Oven
  • Deck Oven
  • Rotisseries
  • Roll Plant
  • Ductwork (we can also provide and install any type of ductwork as well as installing any size access panels, these are used to gain access to hard to reach areas before deep cleaning).
If your item you wish to be cleaned is not listed above – please contact us for further info.
Ventilation & Access Panel Installation
We can install brand new kitchen extract ventilation. Access doors can be fitted to give better access for the future cleaning/maintenance. We can replace extractor fans if yours if not working to its full potential. New canopies or hoods can be made to measure to any specification.

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